Cold days bring some typical recipes of the Venice region.

“La mostarda con il mascarpone” is one of them.

Mostarda is not the same of mustard, or moutard in French. In fact, mustard is only one of the ingredients of this special culinary product.

The mustard in Italy is based on fruit, sugar and mustard essence, usually very spicy. It is. well known in the whole country, but quite different according to the region.

The name of mostarda comes from the latin mustus ardens (burning must), which refers to the first composition (still used in the south of Italy) of the must of wine and mustard grains.

The mixture allowed to preserve for a long time an extremely perishable product such as fruit.

In Veneto it is prepared with quinces, sugar, mustard and candied fruit.

And the tradition for Christmas is to prepare the mostarda with mascarpone cheese on a slice of toasted panettone accompanied  by dates filled with walnuts and mascarpone. Try it: is amazing!