Fishing memories

mum&daughter in a boat

When you live near the water – ocean, sea, lake, or, as in our case, lagoon – you are put in a boat very early in your life. You learn to listen to the typical noises of the water clashing on the boat, the birds, the wind. And you learn patience and respect fo the nature around you. 

This is a beautiful picture, but I have to say that there is one thing that bother me when I remember my time on a boat with my family: fishing memories. 

When we went fishing, we sailed until the place we chose and my parents and older brothers shared the fishing line. In the meanwhile, I had to wait patiently: And I could try fishing only when we sailed back home obviously with no hope to get even the smallest and dumbest fish of the lagoon!

Well, a lot of years have passed and now I can appreciate again a fishing tour or just passing by the areas where the different and peculiar fishing technique of the Venice lagoon are employed.

As for exemple the trammel-net. A technique called “seragia” (cage, enclosed area) and consists in placing posts every meter, more or less, in the shallow water of the lagoon with a net in between. This forces fish, crabs and eels to get trapped in the “cogoli” (accordion-shaped nets), placed every 50 meters. The nets are to be placed so to catch the fish in both water directions, when the high tide comes in, when the low tide leaves the lagoon.