La fête du fleuve an event on the river in Bordeaux

ship entering in Bordeaux

It was a touching moment seeing a beautiful ship on the 19 century crossing the modern drawbridge and sailing on the water of Bordeaux river, the Garonne.beatiful ship

This year the city celebrates its river, welcoming the 2 biggest training ships in the world: the Sedov and the Kruzenshtern, respectively 117,7 and 114 meters long.




ship and peopleThe ‘Fête du fleuve’ every 2 years is the occasion to strengthen the links between the inhabitants of the city and its river with a 4-day event with debates, music, fireworks and – of course we are in Bordeaux (!) – food and wine.

This year, besides the beautiful sailing ships already mentioned, there is the 7éme Continent a scientific boat that studies solutions against the plastic pollution of the oceans. 


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