Camping in the Venice lagoon

Venice lagoon trip

Many persons consider Venice a quiet city, a place where the craziness of the everyday routine – noise, traffic, rush – doesn’t  exist.

But still, when you live here, and all around in the mainland, you feel sometimes that you need somewhere to recharge.Sailing In our region we are really lucky, because we are surrounded by beautiful places in a short distance.





Enjoying the lagoon

One of them is certainly the Venice lagoon, where you can sail and reach amazing little islands, or just wandering among the barene, the sand banks rich of an incredible variety of flore and fauna.



The other day, with a few friends,  we sailed for a boat-camping week-end and enjoyed and wonderful weather, simple local food and a peaceful night rocked by the gentle movement of the lagoon. As you can imagine we had a great time!Quiet lagoon break