A September day near the Atlantic Ocean

Rainbow at Hourtin lake
Rainbow at Hourtin lake

A cloudy morning, a bit of chill in the air.

It’s always so hard wake up early, but it always worth the effort.

A few cars on the road and, after an hour driving, we arrive at Hourtin lake.

Our first stop is the little port of Hourtin in the north east of the lake. Heavy clouds and a soft wind move the trees around and form gentle waves ending on the sand. In the water a man wearing a wetsuit try to direct his parachute.

We put on our sweaters and walk along the pier: in the water, a few small boats are berthed.

Hourtin lake, less the 6km from the Atlantic Ocean in the South West of France,  is the biggest natural lake in France. (The lac Leman, much bigger, is considered a Swiss lake as 60% of its area is in Switzerland). The area of dunes, swamps and forest is protected.

This morning the light is magic and when we arrive at the tip of the pier a rainbow appears. A couple with a toddler sit on a bench near us. The baby show us the sky: so cute!

Suddenly, when the the contrast of color in the sky is more vivid, an heavy rain starts to fall. We return quickly to the car completely soaked. « Da strizzare » ready to squeeze, as we say in Italian. Doesn’t matter: in a moment the sun appears again.

We drive a few minutes and reach another beach on the other side of the lake, Piqueyrot.

The weather is warm now. A lady is having a sun bath on the sand. We are alone in the water.

The sand is smooth, the water has a golden reflection. Farther, I see the arms and the bathing cap of a swimmer moving with an impressive rhythm. A grandmother is paddling with her grandchild sitting at her feet.

The sounds around us are light and soft: the lapping of the waves, the cicadas concert. It’s hot now, but the trees protect us from the sun and we decide for a walk along one of the paths along the shore of the lake and the wood. Green oaks, maritime pines, fern and bindweed just to mention a few variety of plants that compose this beautiful forest.

A small signal attracts our curiosity, we take this path and we reach an edge hidden by the trees: amazing atmosphere of peace and communion with the nature around.

The walk is beautiful. The landscape is rich and varied. The smell of the underwood warmed by the sun is intense.

We come back to our car with our bodies and souls full of sensations: what a beautiful day!