The pencil extender


We love objects. Especially old, often worn objects full of the history of a family or a place.

Today we want to tell you the story of one of them. One that was at our side at the very beginning of our project of Venice&beyond.

If you take a look at the photo on our homepage, you will see various items. Among them a long wooden stick  with two small pencils at the top and the bottom.

Not many people  have ever seen one nowadays. ‘Prolunga per matite’, a pencil extender , but at home, when we were children, we just called it ‘the thing for the small pencils’!

This particular one belonged to our grandfather (here below at home with our mum) who used it to draw the models in his furs workshop in Venice.grandfather

And then the pencil extender passed in our father’s hands. He used  it at his office but also at home, where we remember him sitting at his perfectly tidy desk with all this pencils, rubbers and a pencil sharpener. There, he spent entire afternoons checking bank accounts, bills and invoices to go through the everyday expenses of a family of six.


Now is Claudio that draws with this little piece of wood.

(Somehow they managed to always give it to the eldest son, we will see for the next generation!!!) Whoever will inherit it, this little object is a symbol of our life style: little things matter.