Polenta leftovers recipe


In these first days of January we stuck with our old – and we really think good – habits. As children, we learned to value everything we got. And food was one of that things. We were and still are a zero waste family. The difference is that now we name it. When we were young it was just everyday life!

Today we will share one of our leftovers recipes after Christmas festivities.

making polentaThe other day, we made polenta with baccala alla vicentina, a typical recipe of our region. We enjoyed it very much

And if you have some polenta left, you can just cut it in large slices and toast them with some butter. You can serve in a thousand ways: cheese and tomato sauce like a pizza for example, or with a fish mousse (using your leftovers!)  or like in this photo, with spinach and ricotta.polenta slices


But you can also use the crust of your polenta.

We mean the crispy thin slices of polenta stick to the bottom of the cauldron.

After having poured the polenta in a plate, you leave your cauldron to cool off. When the pot is cold you can easily take over the polenta crust. Cut it in tiny pieces (like cereals) and you can use it for your healthy breakfast.

In the photo under the title, with yogurt and our homemade mulberry blackberries’s (from our garden) compote.