A surprise in a book


A quiet, typical Italian village. In Toscany.

I can imagine the delicate noise of the feet on the ancient pavement, the gentle  smell of the vegetation.

book and bookmark

I can only imagine, because I wasn’t there. This is just a bookmark that I found in a book my daughter bought in a shop of second hand books.

It’s the French edition of a novel by a Japanese author, a beautiful tale that floats between two universes, the reality and the invisible.

And inside, the trace of another story, a love story happened 10 years ago. A French couple, a holiday in Toscany. Unforgettable moments. I don’t know if they are still together. If they remember this little bookmark, the words written on it.


My daughter thinks that if they sold the book out, they love story is over too. Maybe. Maybe not.

But I am thankful for this little gift I found turning a page. A few lines, a photo, that make me  travel with an unknown couple sharing a moment of life.