The stick, the water bottle and… the chocolate


We have already talked on this blog of our family walks along the mountain trails in summer. A tradition that is deep in our genes. But this photo above reminded me of the objects that accompanied us and that made these walks even more beautiful.

family memories
Here our mum with her family

In fact, among the various indispensable items there were these: the stick, the water bottle and … the chocolate. These were three fundamental elements of our mountain walks as children. First the stick, that we competed to procure by choosing it carefully among the dry branches of the undergrowth, an obligatory passage in all the paths of the Dolomites mountains before attacking the narrow tracks among the rocks. And then, after a long trekking, when my father decided it was the right place to regain our strength to get to the top, water and chocolate.

family trekking
There were no other rocks to sit…



Tired but happy, we took off our backpacks and looked for a place to sit, arguing happily about the right to sit on a log, a particularly flat rock, a rise in the ground similar to a stool.And mum opened the backpack and took out the chocolate or condensed milk (another ingredient that never failed, a real energy bomb!)

If I close my eyes, I still feel the intense flavor of chocolate melting in my mouth, at the much desired moment of the long break on the way,. I remember the joy of feeling the fresh water flow down the throat, dry after so many hours of walking. I open my eyes and I want to start trekking again!

mountain panorama

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