Sailing on the Leyre river. Part One

Leyre river

We arrive at the Biganos port just in time, traffic was awful in this beautiful Saturday morning. No worries: a short walk until the end of the pier and we are in an other world. The water splashing gently on the river water and the singing of birds are the only noises. We embark in a small traditional boat and start to sail into the Leyre river.

This river is surrounded by a gallery forest made up of trees (pedunculate oak, alder, red willow) who seem irresolute whether to live on land or in water. An unlikely rust-colored water, a result due to the presence of alios (an iron rock).

These two characteristics have earned her the nickname “Little Amazon“.

After 120 kilometers through the Landes forest, the Leyre flows into the Arcachon Basin in the form of a delta. Composed of salt meadows, reed beds, islets, wooded marshes, between which fresh water and salt water mix, the Leyre delta is a preserved wetland which is home to exceptional flora and offers great interest for nesting and bird migration.

I brought my binoculars and could spot a black eagle perched on a high tree and a stork flying up in the sky. A beautiful blue dragonfly (our guide told us it is a male!) stood on one of countless tree trunks fallen into the river.

We try fishing, the river is home to many differs species, but today they all seem to prefer stay in the water better than in our ovens! Doesn’t matter. I am secretly happy for them.

The day goes on with a light lunch in a cabane à huitres «an oyster hut » and then a beautiful walk along the delta and the beginning of the Arcachon Bassin.

Are you ready to try this adventure? See more photos in Part two of this blog and we are sure you will call us and organise a beautiful experience!