Torta Sbrisolona

torta sbrisolona

The sbrisolona cake has for me the flavor of my teens years in Padua.
The parents of a dear friend owned a cafe in the very heart of the city. In front of their entrance, stand the imposing church of Sant’Antonio da Padova a pilgrimage destination known worldwide.
I remember my friend and I, taking a break from our afternoon homework, sitting at the table of the terrasse in front of the large square.
I remember my friend’s mother telling the story of the bombing during WWII, when, as a child, she ran with her family in the middle of the Sant’Antonio Square. There, they were safe because, as part of the Vatican property, it was white zone, free of bombing.
The quiet of the cafe was frequently interrupted by tourists, on their own, or in groups following their guide holding a little flag, A colorful and varied wave who stopped at every souvenir stand to buy a candle, a medal, a little bottle of some unlikely holy water.
We looked at them amazed, while drinking a coffee and eating a piece of Sbrisolona. A very exotic cake for me, used to the recipes of my mum region.
I loved the name too, a cake that makes a lot of crumbs. Like an invitation to enjoy without worrying about the etiquette.

I’ll share my recipe here. Don’t hesitate to taste it with a glass of Recioto wine!