A few days at home

Back home for a few days. Happiness, love, memories.

Every person who lives abroad, or simply in a different region from his/her childhood place, knows what I am talking about.

During the last Christmas vacation I spent a few days in Italy wandering between the Trentino Alto Adige (my mother’s family region) and the Veneto (my family region).

The weather wasn’t very good: cold, wet, fog and only one or two days of blues sky. But this didn’t affect my enthusiasm. I shared some beautiful moments with the people I love. And memories of the incredible places I lived in.

2022 started with a morning walk in Riva del Garda, where I was born. Riva is enchanting small city situated on the Norther coast of the Garda lake. Garda lakeKnown for the beauty of the lake and the mountains around, visitors come to practice all kind of sports: surfing, windsurfing sailing climbing cycling trekking. For me it’s the souvenir of the amazing walks in the countryside with my brothers and cousins and the afternoons at the beach, swimming in the cold water of the lake. After that we all had our rewards back home where my grandmother and great-aunt cheered us up with tasty sweets and homemade cakes at tea times.



In a foggy morning I drove back to Venice area, here, in the upper part of the Venice lagoon, crossing the city and beaches of Jesolo and Cavallino, unnaturally quiet in this winter season. I know it can sound crazy, but the foggy atmosphere at the beach made me feel at home!adriatic sea in winter


In Padova, where I spent my high school and university years, I met with my lifetime friends for a walk in the city center in the late afternoon, strolling around to see the city decorated to celebrate the entrance of  its more important monuments in the Unesco heritage.

The lights reproduced the paintings and statues inside giving to the passerby the feeling to be a part of the art and culture of the city.


And then, back home… in France. Yes,  I feel home in two different countries. Lucky me!