Local life experiences

A few days at home

Back home for a few days. Happiness, love, memories. Every person who lives abroad, or simply in a different region from his/her childhood place,…

torta sbrisolona

Torta Sbrisolona

The sbrisolona cake has for me the flavor of my teens years in Padua. The parents of a dear friend owned a cafe in…

old handwritten recipes

Old recipes books

Look at your books of recipes. In the kitchen, on a special compartment of your bookshelf, or forgotten in a box in the attic….

venice lagoon

Quarantine tour

When you grow up in Venice, words as Lazzaretto, plegue, quarantine are part of the common language; Nothing strange. History is in day life…


Frittelle di San Giuseppe

St. Joseph’s fritters are a tradition in our family. Our maternal grandfather was called Giuseppe and he was a very respected and well-known person…