Venice boats posters

Our Venetian Boats Posters – Presentation


A few words to introduce to you the story of these pictures of Venetian traditional boats.

Some time ago I was working inside a Venetian palazzo and I had the task to do some ceiling renovation.

I had to look for specific artisans who would be able to redecorate the original wooden ceiling using the ancient painted frames already there; the result was that I had many pieces of little wooden boards, hand-painted with ornamental motif.

Not all the wood was used for the restauration and I stored the spare boards in my garage, where they were kept for some years.

Our Venetian boats posters were created for the Associazione Vela al Terzo by one of its members as a way to illustrate and promote and keep alive the story and the use of traditional sailing boats in the Venice lagoon.

I can’ t remember when my love for these boats and the Venice lagoon started, but I remember that when I was a child I used to spend hours and hours sailing and rowing and exploring the area with our family “sanpierota” (one of the many types of traditional boats) and a team of brothers and friends.

Life got me busy and steered me away from my playground on the lagoon for a long time but years later, when I had the chance to be back there again, I started to reconnect with my roots. I joined a sailing club and after a while I became a sailing and rowing instructor and in the end I was part of the life of the lagoon I had always loved, again.

With my sailing club I took part in the Vela al Terzo (lugsail) regattas and in a lot of sailing adventures in the Venice lagoon and abroad.


It was during the long days of the Covid lockdown that, while working in my garage, I bumped into the old painted boards and while starting to think about how to use them I realized at the same time how deep I had been missing the lagoon water and the boats.

And at that moment, believe me or not, a poster of a sanpierota fell down from a rack.

I’ve always loved DIY and so I started to create my first frame for the poster using the painted boards.

This is the way the project started.. by putting together the memories of a city I love and my daily life, respecting its traditions and its environment.

The posters have been printed on paper, on canvas or on parchment paper.

All our posters come with hand-painted wooden frames.

All frames are painted and decorated with the traditional and ancient patterns of ceiling or wooden beam decorations that were used inside the Venetian palazzi in the past centuries.