My roots are in Venice,  and I grew up between Venice and Padua, where I obtained my Degree in Political Sciences. My job as a journalist brought me to Belgium and France. After Brussels and Paris, I live now in Bordeaux where I spent the last 3 years running a B&B.

I’ve always been an enthusiastic traveller. Travel for me is a challenge, a tool to change inside, and come back home richer in meaning.

Travel starts at the moment you close your door behind you and take your luggage with you. Every sound, every view and every person you encounter is already a new experience because your state of mind is different.

I’m definitely more of a city person than a country one, I like the mess of cities where I take a challenge establishing a contact with the busy people around me. Smiling is my secret weapon!

Of course, I need a deep contact with nature to regenerate. I especially appreciate walking, trekking and biking and I am member of local associations for the protection of the environment.

Meeting people, discovering places, sharing experiences,  in other words, opening your heart and mind to see beyond appearances.
That’s what I hope to share with you!


I’ve been living between the Venice lagoon, the Lake of Garda and the Dolomites. I consider outdoor life as my ideal “habitat” and all outdoor sports as the main way to get to know myself and the surroundings better.

I obtained a university degree in Science and Geography as part of my interest in considering landscape not only as a theatre for adventures and journeys, but also as a way to understand its life: origin, evolution and interactions with man and his structures.

I’ve got a background in several associations, starting with scouting and alpine clubs, sailing and rowing clubs, bike associations mostly as an instructor and a member of the Board of Directors.

I am outgoing and always eager to share experiences and share the things that I love…by the way…food and wine too.

I’ve had working experiences in research, construction, science publishing and tourism because I’ve always been curious and interested in different areas.

I’ve travelled for pleasure, work, study and taken part in expeditions in several countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. On foot, by bike, motorbike, car, boat, train, but always with the desire to know and see “far and beyond” the places and my encounters with people.