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The Venice Lagoon

Forget for a moment all you know about Venice and get on the boat with us!
You will see, touch, row, taste, meet and exchange.

In a nutshell, you will be part of the amazing adventure that is Venice. A city of genius and of labour; an amazing example of how man can interact with the environment to build his home.

You will:
Understand how and why the city was built here,
– Learn where the materials came from,
– Know more about the trade that created an innovative cuisine,
– Realize the efforts to get water and food,
Enjoy the lifestyle still linked today to the relationship with nature.



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The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a Unesco heritage area split in 9 areas in the North East of Italy.
Everything is amazing here.
We will take you through a memorable experience in nature (where trekking, climbing, canoeing and much more is involved) in a landscape like any other.
And if you are more a « city type », you will find museums to visit, shopping to enjoy and a diverse architecture in the small villages and bigger cities.
Are you a gourmet lover? The Dolomites, with their cultural diversity (4 different languages spoken in the area) have a large and tasty panel of recipes and a quite few Michelin-starred restaurants.



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The Cheese and Wine experience

in the Veneto region:
A journey in the countryside of the Veneto region from the Garda lake to the Venice lagoon; from the Dolomites to the Po river.

A sensorial experience among some of the most interesting products of the region.
You will taste local cheeses, seasonal vegetables, wine and more specialities of this area.
You will meet passionate people and share their everyday life.


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vineyard and tasting

The Garden experience

In an area that ranges from Padua to Venice and the Southern part of the lagoon, you will have a magical experience walking through city parks and private gardens while discovering the history of the region in an original way.
You will visit (among other places and hidden jewels), the Orto Botanico, the oldest university botanical garden in the world (created in Padua in 1545), and some amazing gardens of the Venetian villas.
Then, with a change of horizon you will discover the astonishing beauty of the Porto Caleri garden, South of Chioggia.

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