Why us

When we started thinking about our project, the first question that came to our mind was: what makes us different?

And the answer came: you.  

You feel like being a traveler, not a tourist. You are curious but respectful, open minded, ready to learn and understand a land, a culture, a people. You are an active traveler, keen of natural and cultural heritage experiences. You think that every moment matters…

Then, we are more than happy to share our tour with you.

We are members of different associations operating in areas like cultural and natural heritage, environment, sport. We know and work with passionate people deeply involved in the life of the city and its environment. For these reasons, we can show you places and initiatives usually allowed only to associations’ members.

We are with you all along your decision/booking process, answering questions, smoothing angles, helping to make your trip real.

We travel with a small group of 4 – 6 people to allow a rich interaction among every participant and guide and people we meet in the field.