A rock like no others, the Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel through the window

There are places that you dream to visit, despite knowing you won’t be on your own. Venice of course, Paris.

The Saint Michel mont is one of them. The fame of this little rock, located in the middle of a vast salt meadows area, is worldwide. There is no time of the year where you won’t cross tons of tourists scrolling around the tiny streets of Mont Saint Michel.

But there are a few tips that we can share with you to help you making your trip fully enjoyable and get all the meaning and the atmosphere of the place.

First, avoid local vacation weeks. The Mont Saint Michel is one of the first tourist destination for french people.

Second, if you are a good walker, don’t hesitate to book a tour in the meadows: it’s a great experience, that allow you to deeply feel the spirit of the place.

Third ,go there early in the morning. The cathedral tour open at 10, as most of the cafes and bars, but you can enjoy the walk up following alternative path in one of the numerous stairs and free your mind in front of the amazing view 360 degrees around the rock.

Or, even more exotic, you can immerse yourself in the religious atmosphere of the everyday celebrations of the Saint Michel abbey monks. For that, you have to wake up even earIier.

► From the car park, a continuous shuttle service takes you to the Mont free of charge during the day.

► To come by shuttle to the morning prayer service, simply contact the “Transport on Demand” service: +33 (0)2 14 13 20 15.

More information, for shuttle timetables: www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com



You can choose an accommodation directly inside the Mont Saint Michel, where you will find hotels from 2 to 4 stars. Another option is to book one of the new hotels along the way to the Mont, in the area that a few years ago was a huge parking for the tourists. But, if you have a car, we suggest to choose an accommodation on the countryside. There are may small villages with little charming hotels and B&B. We stayed in Courtils, 10 minutes from the Mont Saint Michel, at the Manoir de la Roche Torin, a peaceful small hotel with a fantastic view of the Mont and the salty meadows!



panorama from Mont Saint Michel at the bottom of Mont Saint Michel Granville panorama Arromanches les Bains beach view from Mont Saint Michel