Venetian Boats Poster Framed

Bragozzo painting

A few months ago we had to get rid of everything from a  place where our family in Venice had kept the last stuff belonging my father’s family.

Among a lot of useless objects, as it always happens when emptying old spaces, we found something that caught our attention:  a box of thin wooden planks painted in traditional Venetian style.

Claudio was curious and he decided to find out more about the origin of these items. He found out that a decorator, a friend of the family’s, had been called to restore an ancient Venetian palace, of which the ceiling, made with the traditional wooden boxes (coffers), had been ruined by the copious rains through the years. He had been asked to replace the parts of the ceiling that were damaged,  while maintaining the ancient style.

As he painted more pieces than he needed, he offered the remained wooden planks to our father.

Claudio had recently purchased posters depicting traditional Venetian boats created for Associazione Vela al Terzo (a Venetian sailing style association) by one of its members, to illustrate the story and the use of traditional sailing boats in the Venice lagoon and keep it alive.

He then had a beautiful idea: to frame the posters with the painted wooden planks we had found!

He then created a few framed paintings that he shared with us siblings.
We still have a few of them…if you are interested in having a unique Venetian item in your house, just let us know!!

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