Old recipes books

old handwritten recipes

Look at your books of recipes. In the kitchen, on a special compartment of your bookshelf, or forgotten in a box in the attic.

They all have a story to tell.

I can picture moments of my life, sensations, encounters just browsing the pages and looking for a recipe.

recipes book





This one is the bible of traditional French cuisine. A couple of my best friends offered me it for my wedding. Every time I take it, I laugh reading the dedication: I must confess I wasn’t/am not a very cook!





old recipe booksJust 2 of my mom’s books and I have always seen around when a was a child. Often covered of spots of any kind of ingredients we needed at the moment!







maghreb recipesI haven’t try any recipes of this one yet, but it’s a present from a guest of my B&B and it brings back all the memories of the amazing years I spent travelling without leaving home, thanks to the great guests visiting Bordeaux from all over the world. Sharing histories, culture, every day life and… recipes.




american cookiesAnd this one,  I am sure many among you know it.  This is another present the I cherish a lot. It comes from my English-speaking friends in Paris. They offered it to me during the wonderful party (we danced all night long) we gave when we decided to leave Paris and move to Bordeaux for a new life.




I am sure you can tell many stories like this. Why don’t you share them with us?